Jade Sterling Steel is a leading distributor of special bar quality and merchant bar quality steel, as well as merchant quality rod, industrial quality rod and cold heading quality rod.

Special bar quality material is often used in manufacturing of components that require a superior surface. Applications may include gears, axles, drive trains and suspensions for a wide range of industries including automobiles, off highway vehicles and capital equipment. Merchant bar quality rounds are produced to specific sizes with appropriate control of the chemical limits or mechanical properties for non-critical uses. These types of bars are generally used in structural type applications involving bending, forming, punching and welding. They are used by fabricators and manufacturers to produce a wide variety of products including steel floor and roof joists, walkways, ornamental furniture, railings, dowels and concrete forms.

Merchant quality rod is supplied in coiled form and is used by manufacturers to produce a variety of products such as wire forms, mesh, netting, nails and concrete forms. This type of rod is generally used in structural type applications involving bending and welding. Industrial quality rod is a semi-finished product rolled from billet on a rod mill and is used primarily for the manufacture of wire. This type of rod is usually cold drawn into wire suitable for further drawing and forming into a variety of products. Cold heading quality rod is produced by closely controlled manufacturing practices and is frequently subject to mill testing and inspection to ensure internal soundness and freedom from surface defects. They are used to produce a variety of products including cold headed fasteners, wire forms, threaded rods, muffler hangers, wheel bolts, rivets, studs, u bolts and weld studs.