General Information about A572 Steel and A572 Grade 50 Round Bar

ASTM A572 steel is a high strength, low alloy columbium vanadium structural steel. A572 grade 50 round bar with specification providing for a 50,000 KSI minimum yield strength and 65,000 KSI minimum tensile strength.  These grades are often used in applications where extra strength is desired.

ASTM A572 steel is a specification for structural steel components to specified mechanical properties such as yield strength (YS) of 50,000 PSI (pounds per square inch) for grade 50.

A572 steel may be supplied as hot rolled round. A typical length for A572 grade 50 round bar is 20′, although many mills have the capacity to roll a variety of lengths depending on the application. A572 steel may also be supplied in a wide range of diameters also dependent on the specific application. Some common sizes for A572 grade 50 round bar are 5/8″, 3/4″, 7/8″, 1″ & 1-1/4″. Many applications require much larger diameters, while some even smaller. A572 steel may be ordered to specific diameters and lengths.


A572 grade 50 round bar is often used for rivets, bolts or welded structures for bridges or other construction applications.


To achieve mechanical properties, welding capabilities and notch toughness, the chemical composition of A572 steel is carefully engineered with controlled levels of carbon, manganese, silicon and the addition of low levels of alloy strengtheners, such as; columbium (Cb), vanadium (V), titanium (Ti), nitrogen (N) or combinations thereof.  As an example, A572 grade 50 round bar would have carbon, .23 (max.), manganese, 1.35 (max.) (1.65 max. depending on the carbon), and a combination of the alloying elements.