General Information about A36 Steel and A36 Carbon Steel

A36 steel is a carbon structural steel specification for hot rolled bars, rods and rounds to be used in a variety of applications.

A36 carbon steel is readily easy to source. It can be supplied as A36 steel round bar provided by length, or packaged into wire rod. A36 carbon steel round bar can be supplied as hot rolled, cold drawn, rough turned or turned and polished. By cold drawing A36 steel, it will improve the size tolerances and enhance the surface. A36 carbon steel in wire rod is often produced in a 4,000 # package, & used for similar types of applications as bar lengths.


A36 carbon steel is often used for riveted, bolted or welded construction of bridges and buildings, as well as for general structural purposes.

A36 carbon steel is considered a low carbon mild steel that is popular as a structural material. A36 steel has a relatively simple chemistry that keeps it low in cost compared to other carbon grades. Because of its weldabilty & competitive pricing, A36 carbon steel is a common choice in building trades. It is also used in a wide variety of other applications.


Chemically, A36 steel is close to that of grade 1018, a common low carbon steel. It differs in that it has other elements necessary to increase its strength & toughness.  As a more common grade, A36 is usually less expensive.

A36 steel may range in carbon from .18-.29 depending on the manganese (MN), which may range from .90-1.35, respectively. The chemistry combination is designed to achieve specific mechanical properties consisting of tensile strength, 58-80 KSI, yield point of 36 KSI minimum, and 23% minimum elongation in 2 inches, while maintaining weldabilty.