General Information about 5160 Steel and 5160 Round Bar

5160 steel is a medium / high carbon – chromium steel. 5160 round bar has a high yield to tensile strength ratio, excellent toughness, and high ductility.

During the production of 5160 steel, care is taken during the rolling and cooling of the material. This is done to achieve satisfactory cold shearing, punching and trimming qualities.

5160 steel is difficult to machine in the as rolled condition and should be annealed prior to machining to obtain maximum speeds and feeds.

5160 round bar has poor weldability due to its content of carbon and manganese.  It is designed for applications that are hot formed then oil quenched and tempered to high hardness, typically Rc 48-54, and high strength with fatigue properties. A typical length for 5160 round bar is 20′, although many mills have the capacity to roll a variety of lengths depending on the application. 5160 steel may be supplied in a wide range of diameters and 5160 round bar may be supplied in the hot rolled condition, rough turned or turned and polished depending on the application.


5160 steel is flexible, resists heavy shocks well, and is well suited various types of applications. 5160 round bar is commonly used in spring applications such as leaf springs. Other uses include scrapers, equalizers, bumpers, coil springs, torsion bars and small tools.


5160 round bar has a chemical composition consisting of carbon, .56/.64, manganese, .75/1.00, phosphorus, .035 (max.), sulfur, .04 (max.) and chromium, .70/.90.

5160 round bar may also be supplied in a boron version, 51B60, boron, .0005-.003 with titanium, .020 (min.).