General Information about 1215 Steel Bar and 1215 Round Bar

1215 steel bar is considered a resulphurized, free machining steel. Due to the high sulfur content, welding of 1215 steel is not recommended.

Additionally, 1215 steel bar has low carbon content.

1215 round bar may be supplied by length or packaged into wire rod. A common bar length for 1215 steel bar is 12′, although it may also be supplied in a wide range of lengths.  Depending on the end application and processing, 1215 round bar can be found in a full range of diameters, often as small as 1/4″ round. It is common to have hot rolled 1215 drawn into cold drawn bar lengths of various sizes and lengths.  By cold drawing 1215 steel bar, it will improve the size tolerance and enhance the surface.It may also be used in its hot rolled condition, rough turned or turned and polished.


1215 steel bar is often referred to as screw stock, as it is commonly used in automatic screw machine operations as well as a wide variety of other applications requiring extensive machining. These specific operations require material that is fast cutting and machinable. 1215 round bar is used in the manufacturing of parts that require close tolerances.  Some applications for 1215 round bar are bushings, inserts, couplings, studs, pins & screws. 1215 steel bar is also used in various types of threading applications.


1215 steel bar has a chemical composition that consists of carbon, .09 (max.), manganese, .75/1.05, phosphorus, .04/.09 and silicon, .26/.35.

This chemistry makes 1215 round bar a good choice for parts requiring extensive machining.