General Information about 1035 Steel Bar and 1035 Round Bar

Grade 1035 is a standard carbon steel grade for 1035 steel bar as well as wire rod.

1035 round bar may also appear as:

  • SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)
  • SAE 1035 steel bar
  • AISI (American Iron and Steel Institute)
  • AISI 1035 round bar

1035 steel bar is most commonly characterized as a medium carbon grade, and as such is a popular “work horse” grade of steel.

1035 steel bar is often supplied in hot rolled, cold drawn, turned & polished, annealed and or coated conditions;  both in bar lengths or packaged into wire rod.

1035 steel bar is a relatively low cost, medium strength steel and is common in a wide variety of general purpose applications. 1035 round bar is higher in strength and hardness than low carbon steel and is often used for small parts of moderate strength such as bolts, nuts, studs and parts which are headed or upset.

A common length for 1035 steel bar is 20′, although many mills have the capacity to produce a variety of lengths depending on the diameter and also the end application. 1035 may also be supplied in wire rod form. Typical wire rod size is around 4,000 #. In coil form, it may be packed into a tightly banded coil or can be loaded onto a carrier depending on the customer’s preference


1035 round bar and wire rod may be used for cold heading / working into fasteners such as screws, bolts and nuts, machined into cold finished components, and/or hot or cold forged into a variety of parts. Depending on the application, it may be rolled into a wide range of diameters. By cold drawing 1035 round bar, it will increase the mechanical properties, improve the size tolerance and enhance the surface.  In these conditions, 1035 steel bar may be used in a variety of tools, chain pins, sealing rings, nails, couplings, levers, studs, gears, bolts, rods, pins as well other numerous other types of parts.


The chemical composition of 1035 round bar consists of carbon, .32/.38, manganese, .60/.90, phosphorus .04 (max.), sulfur .05 (max.) and silicon .15/.30 or .10 (max.).