Turned and polished bars are produced by a process of machining bars to a desired diameter. By having material turned and polished, the removal of the bars surface layer generally eliminates decarburization, seams, slivers and other surface imperfections. The value of the product can be increased by removing such surface defects. The finished bar can be machined with relative freedom from warpage. Because the surface layer is removed, turned and polished bars are especially well suited for induction hardening. By having bars turned and polished, it leaves a smooth shiny surface. At Jade Sterling Steel, we can have bars turned and polished to meet specific size tolerances without necessarily cold drawing the material. These bars are produced to a superior finish, a high level of concentricity, a defect free surface and optimum straightness.

Jade Sterling Steel has the capacity to have bars turned and polished to a wide range of diameters in most carbon and alloy grades. With long standing relationships with several processors capable of having material turned and polished, we have the capacity to supply this product in a timely manner at some of the most competitive prices in the industry. We also stock an extensive inventory of hot rolled bar available to have turned and polished very quickly if a certain delivery is required. If we don’t have the exact size and grade of turned and polished bar you require, we have priority access and pricing to mill inventories as well as rollings. With several of our customers using similar sizes and grades of¬†turned and polished rounds, we are able to carry a large inventory of standard products for quick delivery as and when needed.

Whether you’re in need of a single bundle, a full truckload or even a rail car of turned and polished bar, let Jade Sterling Steel go to work filling your requirements.