Jade Sterling Steel has the capacity to have a wide range of merchant, industrial, special and cold heading quality wire rod cleaned and coated per specific customer specifications. We have exclusive relationships with a variety of processors that employ state of the art technology to achieve high productivity with uniform coating characteristics and minimal statistical variability on the finished product.

Prior to coating, the wire rod may be cleaned using sulfuric acid. This process is known as pickling. Pickling removes scale from the surface of the rod, and is therefore done prior to having the rod coated. Jade Sterling Steel can supply many different types of coatings depending on the end application. Types of coatings we provide include lime, borax, zinc phosphate with polymer and zinc phosphate with reactive lube.

With four major warehouse located in Cleveland and Chicago, two dedicated entirely to stocking wire rod, Jade Sterling Steel can supply a wide range of sizes and grades in the cleaned and coated condition available for just in time delivery. With long standing relationships and priority pricing with various processors, we can offer some of the most competitive prices available for cleaned and quoted rod products. Most of the wire rod we have cleaned and coated ranges in size from 7/32″ up to 3/4″ in diameter, also, we do have access to material in much larger diameters.

Our finished wire rod is coated and packaged in coil form, usually weighing around 4,000 pounds. We can supply coated products in a tightly banded coil or on carriers if desired.

Whether you’re in need of a single 4,000-pound carrier, a full truckload or even a rail car of coated wire rod, let Jade Sterling Steel go to work filling your requirements.