Scott Herman, Chairman and President
Howard Fertel, Chief Executive Officer
Dean Musarra, Vice President
Matthew Griswold, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer


Alex Jones
Bob Alcorn
Denise Ducca
Dennis Gillin
Dylan Heun
Jacob Schaffer
Jason Thompson
Mark Piunno
Paul Maleski
Robb Nardy
Scott Trau
Stephen Tomaselli

Administrative and Operations

Brenda McGill, Traffic
Jason Quesada, Traffic
Rob Suffecool, Traffic
Andrew M. Freborg, Director/Metallurgy & Quality
Dwight Mosley Jr., Quality Manager
Nate Turner, Twinsburg Warehouse Manager
Gary Matas, Bedford Park/Leamington Warehouse Manager
Jennifer Shebeck, Purchasing/HR
JoAnn Groves, Accounting Manager
Sandi Kestner, Order Entry
Lori Rapo, Inventory Manager
Janet Durst, Inventory
Hiep Nguyen, Information Technology